Thursday, November 24, 2022

PART FOUR The New, Original Wonder Woman

Our review of The New, Original Wonder Woman — the 1975 pilot movie that started it all — comes to an end in this fourth and final segment before we dive into the series proper! Hosts Ray Caspio and Paul K. Bisson are joined once again by Wonder Woman authority, Andy Mangles ("Wonder Woman '77 Meets The Bionic Woman") as they break down the scenes and dig into the various versions of the script. It's a fun and informative rollercoaster with three lifelong Wonder Woman fans!

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Episode timestamps forthcoming.


Our guest bumper for this episode is Susannah Marsan artist,  actor, singer, and voice actress — she's also the daughter of veteran actor Kenneth Mars — who played Von Blasko in the pilot!

Susannah is working on a short animated documentary  called "Mourning Has Broken," about four artists grieving the loss of loved ones who collaborate to create a work of art together. Susannah's special relationship with her dad is documented in the work.

"We're living through unprecedented times of uncertainty and loss right now. Some of us are seeking ways to process our grief through art."

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